How to Get Started

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    Let's jump right into it! You need this if you have VU9P/VU13P FPGA boards:

    • Motherboard. We recommend the 6x PCIe Biostar TB250-BTC, but any motherboard will work fine.
    • PSU. All are fine, but best to estimate 350W per FPGA. (Not Include fans, etc).
    • RAM. A classic 4GB DDR4 should be enough.
    • CPU. Each core can only support 2-3 FPGA boards. We recommend dual-core for 5-6 FPGAs & quad-core for 8+.

    Now the fun stuff!

    • Top FPGA Boards

      • πŸ† BTU9P by TUL

        • 🦍 Powered by the Xilinx VU9P
        • πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ”§ Best customer service
        • πŸ’§ Comes with water block

        • πŸ€“ Developer support across the board
        • Check out the BTU9P by TUL
      • BCU 1525 by SQRL & Xilinx

      • CVP-13 by Bittware

        • 🦍 VU13P. AKA Big Guns.
        • πŸ’° But expensive at $6000, slower ROI.
        • 😿 New board so very few bitstreams
        • 🐣 Not battle tested yet
        • Check out the CVP-13 by Bittware

    If you have F1/F1+ Blackminer board, you need this:

    • Ethernet cable. To connect the Blackminer board to the internet.
    • Power Supply. Recommendation: 700W PSU for F1. 1200W PSU for F1+.

    That's all. Really.

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