FPGA Mining on Windows

2 min read

Using windows setup means you’re going to use 🔥whitefire990's bitstream on your FPGA.
For starters, you will need to install these applications in order to run Whitefire’s bitstream/miner.

1️⃣ Install the FTDI D2XX drivers

2️⃣ Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable

3️⃣ Install Vivado Lab Edition or Use NextJTAG by NDS

Vivado Instructions

NextJTAG instruction

In order to use NextJTAG, you’ll need to buy the licenses for each one of FPGA boards you have. So if you have 5 boards then you’ll need to purchase 5 NextJTAG license. You can buy the license at 🛒FPGA Guide Shop.

Now, you’re done! You can choose any 🔥whitefire990's bitstream you want to run and start mining!
All credits are refer to Zetheron and NDS. We compiled this information so it’s more understandable for the community. We will add more information in the future.