How to Mine with πŸ”₯ Whitefire Bitstream

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  • Only support Windows. Make sure you have done your Windows setup. If you haven't, you can check it out πŸ‘‰here.
  • Start at a low speed, to check your cooling capability. Requires a good cooling system to run optimally (water cooling).
  • 0xToken Mining instruction by Zetheron here.

Mining Instruction

  1. You will need whitefire's bitstream+miner. Download here: πŸ”₯ Whitefire
  2. You can program your FPGA boards using Vivado/Vivado Lab/NextJTAG, if you're using Vivado/Vivado Lab this tool can help the process for multiple FPGA boards hashm1n3r python script. (In this tutorial we will use Vivado Lab).
  3. Make sure you have installed Vivado Lab, open Vivado Lab.
  4. Click Open Hardware Manager -> Open Target -> Auto Connect. You should see your FPGA boards inside the Hardware section. If you don't see yours, double check if you have installed the driver properly or plugged the FPGA connections properly(Power, USB).
  5. How to read the Hardware section, see the image below

    • Localhost(3): Connected - Vivado detects 3 Xilinx FPGAs
    • xilinx_tcf/Xilinx/21430289H...: Open - 21430289H... is your FPGA serial number, and it's the currently opened one.
    • xcvu9p_0: Programmed - The FPGA is programmed (might be the program you want/not)
    • SysMon - Double click and OK. You can monitor the temperature of the currently opened FPGA.
    • xilinx_tcf/Xilinx/SG1809000...: Closed - SG1809000... is your FPGA serial number, and it's currently closed, to open, right click and click Open Target.


  1. To program the board, make sure the desired FPGA is opened, click Program device -> three dots beside Bitstream file -> select your bitstream -> Program. This process will take a few seconds.


  1. After the FPGA is programmed, we can start mining, but first we need to configure our mining information, in this tutorial we will use Whitefire's Nexus bitstream.
  2. Navigate to the nexus folder. Edit launchnexus.bat with the parameter with your own settings: fx-nexusminer-v2.10 poolURL poolPort walletAddress.workerName frequency


  1. Run launchnexus.bat. Happy mining!

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