How to Mine with 🌰 Acorn

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Currently, Acorn CLE-215/215+ only supports Zen Protocol and Tribus standalone mining.

Install Acorn

Install Acorn to an M.2 slot in your motherboard or you can also use PCI to M.2 riser.

Install Driver

You can download the driver πŸ‘‰here, download based on your operating system (Windows or Linux).
Windows: Double click MSI and follow prompts
Linux: Extract tgz β†’ chmod +x β†’ sudo ./

Start Mining

Disclaimer! Please do not use the ZP miner after flashing the Tribus miner it can cause significant issues. ​

You can download the bitstream and miner πŸ‘‰here.
Windows: Edit pool and wallet in bat file β†’ Double click bat file to start mining
Linux: Edit pool and wallet in sh file β†’ ./ to start mining

Miner Control Keys

KeyboardUse For
+ or -increment or decrement core clock for all acorns
1 - 9select a specific acorn for commands to apply to
aselect all acorns
ddisable the target worker
eenable the target worker
qstop device and quit

Common issues

  • Device is missing:

    • The freshly flashed device was not power cycled. Just rebooting is not enough.
    • The device has crashed, may need either just a reboot or even a power cycle.
  • Device is being throttled:

    • Core temperature increased over 80 degrees Celsius. Provided airflow and/or air temperature is not adequate for the desired performance.
    • VCCINT drooped below 0.92 V. Most often caused by either too hot VRM (extra heatsink is heavily recommended) or not enough power provided usually by motherboards' weak M.2 ports.
  • Miner connects but then gets disconnected almost instantly:

    • Username provided is not a valid wallet address.
    • Password provided is not valid. This is mostly used for custom parameters for the pool, so the exact issue varies.


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