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Blackminer F1

Blackminer F1 has two hashing boards. There are six K7 chips on each board, which are running at 1.0V core voltage. Each device has a dedicated core power supply with a maximum load up to 50A. Bitstream is configured via a serial interface which is driven by a controller board, or JTAG (onboard header) interface. Six FPGA devices are chained together by a customized interface.

Board temperature can be monitored instantly by host board with the onboard sensor. Fan cooling is supported. Power indicator LED, FPGA configured LED, and Minning status LEDs are on board. Checkout Blackminer F1 review on YouTube.

Blackminer F1Blackminer F1

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AvailableπŸ›’ FPGA.guide Shop$1900 USDImmediately


Currently, the Blackminer F1 has 12 algorithms built in. Two new algorithms have been launched in November 2018. The two new algos are only open to the users of F1.

Lyra2z53 MH/s590 W
Skein5.04 GH/s423 W
Lyra2rev3240 MH/s364 W
phi251.7 MH/s395 W
phi1612314 MH/s558 W
tribus2.94 GH/s607 W
nexus2.45 GH/s550 W
xdag14.70 GH/s608 W
bcx16.56 GH/s474 W
keccak/keccakc21.12 GH/s605 W
zp22 GH/s610 W
0xToken21.60 GH/s605 W
Sha321 GH/s610 W
verus2272 MH/s?? W
dmd-gr1.58 GH/s460 W
Amoveo46 GH/s600 W
Bitcoin Diamond178 MH/s400 W
Algo4770 MH/s600 W
Algo555 MH/s550 W
Algo673 MH/s550 W

BlackMiner F1+

The Blackminer F1+ contains 3 hash boards, which has updated hardware design and product structure of Blackminer F1. It's mining efficiency is greatly improved through its extrodinary performance in heat dissipation.

Blackminer F1+ supports the same algorithms as Blackminer F1.

A power supply with DC12V output is needed. (power supply over1300W is recommanded)



Lyra2z78 MH/s937 W
Skein7.56 GH/s632 W
Lyra2rev3360 MH/s733 W
phi277.5 MH/s593 W
phi1612471 MH/s804 W
tribus4.41 GH/s865 W
nexus3.67 GH/s803 W
xdag27 GH/s1180 W
bcx24.84 GH/s719 W
keccak/keccakc31.68 GH/s1059 W
0xToken32.4 GH/s605 W
Sha331.5 GH/s610 W
Verus2411 MH/s658 W
dmd-gr2,37 GH/s460 W
Amoveo69 GH/s1054 W
Bitcoin Diamond278 MH/s?? W
Algo41.23 GH/s?? W
Algo588 MH/s?? W
Algo6116.8 MH/s?? W

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AvailableπŸ›’ FPGA.guide Shop$3100 USDImmediately



  • Same board as BCU-1525
  • Compatible with VCU / BCU bitstreams
  • Water Block Installed
  • Additional Notes:

Limited Stock

  • Ships Immediately Worldwide
  • Ospey Mining is the RMA Service Provider
  • 3 Months Warranty

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AvailableπŸ›’ FPGA.guide Shop$3599 USDImmediately



MA - X1

MA-X1 is said to be a "cheaper alternative to the BCU" and was designed from ground up without referencing the VCU design whereas the BCU is a modified VCU. Performance side-by-side remains to be seen and they share the same Xilinx VU9P core. Also, it has a dual-slot standard with active cooling and 4x4GB DDR4 RAM.

The active fans model is already built with heatsinks. While the liquid-cooled model is using a factory-install water block (water pump not included). The cards are designed for data center environments and the VU9P boards have been running in the data center for close to a year without issues (ever since VU9Ps were launched). Watch the testing videos here.

MA-X1 with Water BlockMA-X1 with Active Fan

Where to Buy?

StatusStore LinkPriceShipping Date
Pre-OrderπŸ›’ Krunchlabs (Active Fan Model)$3500 USDEarly-December 2018**
Pre-OrderπŸ›’ Krunchlabs (Water Block Model)$3650 USDEarly-December 2018**

* You can also make an order by sending an email to sales@krunchlabsminers.com
** Could be delays. The next production batch will be available for delivery in January 2019


KeccakMaxCoin12.6 GH/s0.76πŸ’§ Water Cooling

Coming Soon Bitsream by πŸ”₯ whitefire990's


Talentpros TPS-1525 is a complete integrated mining machine. It includes m-View, Talentpros self-designed & development system for managing and downloading bitstreams. It is an active air-cooling design product. With a 435W Air flow heat sinker for thermal control, TPS-1525 do not require a water-cooled structure because the efficiency of temperature control and cooling effect (already tested under Whitefire 15GH/S 0xToken). The result can be seen in YouTube.

It supports 2 ATX PCIe Power Connector(4X2,4X2),12V/300W Power Input (No need of power from PCIe slot or PCIe Riser Card). The VCCINT is estimated to be around 0.7~0.8V/210A and peaks up to 240A (Voltage auto range depends on current or bitstream). Also compatible with board management controller from Xilinx Zynq Z-7020.

TPS-1525 without coolingTPS-1525 with cooling

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AvailableπŸ›’ TalentPros SystemDepends on quantity orderShips Immediately


Download From πŸ”₯ whitefire990's Page🀝 4% devfee
0xToken0xBitcoin17 GH/s0.76πŸ’¨ Active Cooling
NexusNexus1.7 GH/s0.80πŸ’¨ Active Cooling

Keccak-ZPZen Protocol12.6 GH/s0.72πŸ’¨ Active Cooling
TribusDenarius1.95 GH/s0.72πŸ’¨ Active Cooling


It includes liquid cooling heatsinks, 2 Arria10 GX1150 each with 2 DDR4 SODIMM sockets (there will be memory fit options at additional cost including QDR IV). Each Arria has an adjustable 6PH 240A core supply and adjustable DDR4 supply.

Board can be run as a USB slave but also has a Linux capable controller which will support ethernet, USB master, and others. The board will have a metal back that will air cooling but won't be the primary cooling mechanism, It will be possible to add liquid cooling to this surface. There will also be a front edge connector for high-speed intra-board working on big algorithms.

cairnsmore5 back 1200x385

cairnsmore5 front 1200x316

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Pre-OrderπŸ›’ Enterpoint$1599 USDDecember or Early January




Built with Xilinx XC7K410T-2I 550Mhz. The maximum power is around 210 W, 8+6P VGA, and PCI-E 1 Lane only. The DRAM socket, USB 2.0, USB JTAG, and CONN SET 2 are removed.


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Built with Xilinx XC7K410T-2I 550Mhz. The maximum power is around 165 W, 8+6P VGA, and PCI-E 4x Lane only. It has DRAM DDR3-PC3-16000 4GB(optional), while the USB 2.0, USB JTAG, and CONN SET 2 are removed.


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whatsapp image 2019 02 14 at 10 24 41 am

The FM-2L is a special purpose device for AI and Cryptocurrency Mining. It has superior performance compared to a VGA card. Adapted Xilinx HighEnd XCK7 FPGA chipset. A low-power-consumption yet high-performance board.

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πŸ›’ gmarket.co.kr