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Blackminer F1

The FPGA mining board, Blackminer F1 has two FPGA hashing boards. There are six K7 FPGA chips on each board, which are running at 1.0V core voltage. Each device has a dedicated core power supply with a maximum load up to 50A. Bitstream is configured via a serial interface which is driven by a controller board, or JTAG (onboard header) interface. Six FPGA devices are chained together by a customized interface. This FPGA mining board looks similar to ASIC and has a similar interface with ASIC miner.

Board temperature can be monitored instantly by host board with the onboard sensor. Fan cooling is supported. Power indicator LED, FPGA configured LED, and Mining status LEDs are on board. Checkout our Blackminer F1 review here.

blackminerf1 blackminerf1
Blackminer F1Blackminer F1

Where to Buy?

StatusStore LinkPriceShipping Date
Available🛒 FPGA.guide Shop$1900 USDImmediately


Currently, the Blackminer F1 has the most number of algorithms available.

Lyra2zGTM,ZCR,IFX53 MH/s590 W
SkeinDGB5.04 GH/s423 W
Lyra2rev3VTC240 MH/s364 W
phi1612FLM,FNO314 MH/s558 W
tribusDNR,SCRIV2.97 GH/s607 W
nexusNXS2.45 GH/s550 W
xdagXDAG14.7 GH/s608 W
bcxBCX16.56 GH/s474 W
keccak/keccakcSMART,MAX21.12 GH/s605 W
0xToken0xBTC21.6 GH/s610 W
Sha3ZP22 GH/s610 W
Verus2VRSC272 MH/s237 W
dmd-grMBC1.58 GH/s460 W
AmoveoVEO46 GH/s600 W
Bitcoin DiamondBCD178 MH/s400 W
Algo3/VblakeVBK11.65 GH/s520 W
Algo4-770 MH/s600 W
Algo5/lyra2zzLAX55 MH/s550 W
Algo6-73 MH/s550 W
Algo7-21.3 GH/s642 W

BlackMiner F1+

The FPGA mining board, Blackminer F1+ contains 3 FPGA hashing boards, which has updated hardware design and product structure of Blackminer F1. This FPGA Blackminer F1+ mining efficiency is greatly improved through its extrodinary performance in heat dissipation.

Blackminer F1+ supports the same algorithms as Blackminer F1.

A power supply with DC12V output is needed. (power supply over 1200W is recommended)


Where to Buy?

StatusStore LinkPriceShipping Date
Available🛒 FPGA.guide Shop$3100 USDImmediately


Lyra2zGTM,ZCR,IFX93 MH/s937 W
SkeinDGB7.56 GH/s632 W
Lyra2rev3VTC360 MH/s733 W
phi1612FLM,FNO470 MH/s804 W
tribusDNR,SCRIV4.40 GH/s865 W
nexusNXS3.87 GH/s803 W
xdagXDAG27 GH/s1180 W
bcxBCX26 GH/s719 W
keccak/keccakcSMART,MAX31.68 GH/s1059 W
0xToken0xBTC35.2 GH/s1020 W
Sha3ZP35.2 GH/s1052 W
Verus2VRSC411 MH/s340 W
dmd-grMBC2,37 GH/s460 W
AmoveoVEO82.6 GH/s1054 W
Bitcoin DiamondBCD278 MH/s668 W
Algo3/VblakeVBK18 GH/s708 W
Algo4-1.23 GH/s893 W
Algo5/lyra2zzLAX88 MH/s?? W
Algo6-131.20 MH/s850 W
Algo7-36.8 GH/s1054 W

Blackminer F1 Mini

The Blackminer F1 Mini is the mini version of Blackminer F1. It has one K7 FPGA chip. So the hashing power and power consumption would be around 1/12 of Blackminer F1.

Requires Power Supply, Ethernet cable, and cooling system (heatsink + fan).

blackminerf1mini blackminerf1mini blackminerf1mini
Blackminer F1 MiniBlackminer F1 MiniBlackminer F1 Mini

Where to Buy?

StatusStore LinkPriceShipping Date
Pre-Order🛒 FPGA.guide Shop$179 USDMay 2019


Lyra2zGTM,ZCR,IFX5.1 MH/s50 W
SkeinDGB420 MH/s50 W
Lyra2rev3VTC20 MH/s50 W
phi1612FLM,FNO26 MH/s50 W
tribusDNR,SCRIV244 MH/s50 W
nexusNXS210 MH/s50 W
xdagXDAG1.5 GH/s50 W
bcxBCX1.44 GH/s50 W
keccak/keccakcSMART,MAX2.18 GH/s50 W
0xToken0xBTC1.95 GH/s50 W
Sha3ZP1.96 GH/s50 W
Verus2VRSC22.8 MH/s50 W
dmd-grMBC131.7 MH/s50 W
AmoveoVEO4.59 GH/s50 W
Bitcoin DiamondBCD15.4 MH/s50 W
VblakeVBK1 GH/s50 W
Algo4-66.7 MH/s50 W
Algo5/lyra2zzLAX4.89 MH/s50 W
Algo6-7.29 MH/s50 W
Algo7-2.04 GH/s50 W

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