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Running a bitstream beyond what your hardware is capable of cooling or supporting can result in TOTAL FAILURE of your hardware within hours. It is your responsibility to understand the limitations of your hardware (passive vs active fan vs water cooling, required mods, etc)

  • 💧 water/immersion cooling (required)
  • 💨 fan cooling (required)
  • ⚡️ operating vcc modification (required)
  • ⚙️ hardware modification (required)

If you are uncertain about your hardware and it's limitations, feel free to contact support@fpga.guide

60 MH/s Lyra2z


Brought to you by ⛏ Allmine🤝 4% devfee
📟 FPGA Board V/BCU 1525
Recommended Cooling Default VoltageHashrateDownloads
💧Cooling⚡️0.85V60 MH/sMinerator
💧Cooling⚡️0.85V40 MH/sMinerator

For further instructions to do the setup, you can check the Allmine.co's instructions page.

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https://mintpond.com/187.89 Mh/s0.25%stratum+tcp://zcoin.mintpond.com:3000
https://www.lyra2z.com/XZC/385.9 Gh/s0.5%stratum+tcp://eu.lyra2z.com:4570