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Running a bitstream beyond what your hardware is capable of cooling or supporting can result in TOTAL FAILURE of your hardware within hours. It is your responsibility to understand the limitations of your hardware (passive vs active fan vs water cooling, required mods, etc).

  • 💧 water/immersion cooling
  • 💨 air cooling
  • ⚡️ operating vcc modification
  • ⚙️ hardware modification

Please read Minerator Instruction before using it!

If you are uncertain about your hardware and it's limitations, feel free to contact

Bitstream and Miner

Allmine Minerator is an FPGA mining software which can only be used with an FPGA with an efuse key (BCU1525 and CVP-13 have the efuse key by default). Bitstream developers can submit their bitstream on Allmine's website, then miners can access the bitstreams from Minerator webpage.



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