🅱️ Bittware FPGA Boards for Mining

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These were not modified for crypto mining, but are currently available for purchase through Bittware. We recommend investing in the water cooling in order to reach higher hashrates and have better temperature control.



  • Status: Pre-Order
  • Currently no bitstreams available for this board.
  • Current: 300A Max
  • 80% faster than VCU1525
  • Interconnects: 4x QSFP+, 2x Slim SAS
  • Volume: 400
  • External memory: 2 DIMM slots, optional 2x4GB Non-ECC DDR4. Does also support 2x72MB QDR II+
  • Price : $5,750
  • Buy Online

These were supposed to be a custom crypto mining FPGA developed by Bittware, originally the crypto version was supposed to be sold for $5895 USD a piece. The main difference is that it has flexible memory options, so instead of just DDR4 memory you could also install QDRII+ SRAM. QDR memory lets you mine Equihash at a much faster rate.

Currently status is pre-order. Scheduled to ship at the end of November and could be subject to delays. Additional batches will be available for delivery beginning in December.